Wot Do U Call it? Racist? (w/Matt)

Two weeks ago, Wiley took to his Twitter and Instagram, as he does, and pissed some people off, as he does. It seems he’d had enough of targeting Jeremy Corbyn supporter, Stormzy. And this time he didn’t specifically take aim at the Jewish, mixed-race rapper, Drake. Instead, he decided to vilify the Jewish community. TropesContinue reading “Wot Do U Call it? Racist? (w/Matt)”

Representation (w/Hani)

I would like to use my platform to give other people a voice and because sometimes I get bored of hearing my own. So, when Hani messaged me to collaborate on a piece about how her identity as a Muslim young woman has shaped her, I was intrigued. Furthermore, a black, Muslim young woman. ThisContinue reading “Representation (w/Hani)”