Songs that I’m listening to (3)


This was one of those occasions when the YouTube algorithms blessed me. I was going to skip the advert but something told me to give the song a chance. I think it was the way that the beat gradually came in, matched by PVPI STRZ‘s effortless delivery. The chorus catches you and I have found myself asking “where you dey” ever since I heard the track.

There must be something in the water in the Democratic Republic of Congo because along with IDPizzle, Congolese artists or artists of Congolese descent, seem to be taking over. I love the way that artists are embracing being African yet taking influence from other styles of music; in this case, R&B. It makes for a refreshing track that shows that simplicity isn’t a substitute for quality.

And, I can always appreciate a well shot video, with beautiful women, stylish outfits and great lighting. I keep telling these artists that they need to invite me to their shoots. Where you dey?

Trust 2 Tough, Drigyy

I first saw this on the Instagram explore page – a cute video on’s account. So, I’m so glad that the tune has dropped and I no longer have to rinse the snippet on Instagram.

Trust 2 Tough has the potential to blow due to its mellow vibe, catchy hook and the buzz around Drigyy, You can hear that his lyrics come from a real place, leading to comments like, “Nahh I can tell from Drigyy’s songs that he was hurt in the past”. We feel you. And, even though I’m not from the South side, I can’t stop myself singing along.

So, don’t trust too tough, unless you want your heartbroken. But, trust me – watch out for this guy.

Jesse James Solomon – No Lie

Jesse from SE has been one of my favourites for a while because of the way he graces tracks with his nonchalant delivery, ridiculous flow and often introspective lyrics. I have been enjoying the change of style on some of his more recent tracks, moving from sombre tones to more upbeat bangers, like Haze with Sam Wise.

No Lie, produced by Skepta is another one, and features former Skepta collaborator, Lay-Z and former Lil Peep collaborator, Jaxxon D. Silva. The sweet-sounding track includes lyrics about some of the hottest women in the UK, like Jorja Smith, Ms Banks and Steff London, which draw you in quickly.

We get an idea of Jesse’s lifestyle, regarding women and he is so self-assured with it. This along with the chorus, make you believe what he’s saying – no lie.

Xaymaca Awoyungbo

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