For the Culture Podcast: Transparency

I really liked last week’s episode of For The Culture Podcast. Lippy and Tricky spoke purely about their emotions. It was therapeutic to hear such an honest conversation and it left me with a few thoughts on some of the topics that they touched on.

Time out

The message that stuck out to me the most, was that it’s okay to take time out. By the end of the episode, Tricky said “don’t feel that you need to front” with other people and with your emotions. You can be honest that you’re sad about something and talk about it in your own time. “I can’t come with that fake smile on everyday”. I felt like I needed to flex through my stress (word to Smino) just to avoid questions about why I’m sad. However, that can be quite draining. It’s an act and it meant that I went through a cycle of trying to be really open one day and then closed off the next because of how tired I was. From Tricky’s advice, it seems better to be honest with yourself the whole time and you’ll gradually get better from there, even if that means taking time out. He spoke about what he used for therapy, whether that was his son or the podcast. This meant that he could focus on something that didn’t stress him out. Then, he could come back better for the podcast and social media because you need to be in the right space to operate effectively.

Dealing with emotions

The next thing that spoke to me was when Lippy talked about dealing with stress and decisions. It can be hard to deal with emotions and Lippy said that “we [men] don’t teach other” how to deal with them. As men the emotions can be limited to happiness or aggression. For me at least, I don’t want to feel like a victim, especially since I’ve put myself in that sort of position before, so I did things to try and change calm emotions. I find it very difficult to be content with something because I feel like I can creep into complacency and my default is to operate with stress. This is obviously not good for me so still I’m learning how to properly handle it. There was a stage, similar to Lippy, when I started thinking “fuck it”. If I felt down, I wanted to do something about it. However, I wouldn’t really think about the impact of my actions. So, now there’s more of a thought process because again, similar to Lippy, I have more to lose.


Lastly, the guys spoke about women and the mental battles that they’ve been involved in. I liked this part of the discussion because it was a balanced argument. Lippy held the view that your mandem are the realist gs, who will never snake you, whereas Tricky thought that women will hold you down better than men and will help you to sort out situations. They both agreed that the mental battle with women, is different to any problem that you could have with a man. For them, the problems with guys are easier to deal with, whether that’s because those problems are usually resolved with violence or because they are sure in themselves as men. However, it seems to be different with women and I can attest to getting “mash up” mentally because of situations with girls. Much of what they spoke about doesn’t have one clear answer because all men and women are different, but it was interesting to hear their perspectives, stemming from their experiences.

Overall, I like the idea that two guys can connect with people by simply talking about their truths. It’s encouraged me to think about how I can do something similar and how I can express myself. And the underlying message came from Tricky, which is “try not to stress…about anything you’ve got no control of”.

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